What You Should Know About Your Local Concrete Contractor

DDU Concrete Company INC. is an independent business, owned and run by me – your trusted local concrete contractor in Vacaville, CA – and is now among the most trustworthy companies in the region. Established in 2019, for just less than a year, I have become a reliable source many people, both professionals, and clients. I have 19+ years of experience practicing this profession and know just how to deal with all your requests.

Concrete Refinishing

From building sound foundation systems to resurfacing old driveways and other structures with precision, I am ready to go above your highest expectations for professional concrete installation work. I am equipped with an inventory of high-class machines and supply products designed to last for a lifetime. I make my mixtures myself and always guarantee my work.

DDU Concrete Company INC. is also bonded and certified with the state. I am a concrete contractor who holds a valid license and has an insurance policy. All this will help you rest easy knowing that with me by your side, your project is going to be successful, and your satisfaction will be 100% guaranteed. I build up to code and always follow regulations. I do inspections as well, so I am sure the work I do complies with the highest standards.

Want to learn how much a concrete installation service will cost you? I give free estimates and great discounts, so if you are in a rush, make sure you call me at (707) 330-2528 now. I can come to your home or business in Vacaville, CA for a consultation too.

Services List

  • Concrete Foundation Installation
  • Driveway Installation & Repair
  • Retaining Wall Installation & Repair
  • Concrete Construction
  • Side Walls Installation & Repair
  • Concrete Stump Finishing
  • Sidewalk Contractor
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